As the fleet grow.

It's quite funny that all the time driving new cars I allways thought of that unique driving feeling my Alfa could only prove.

Without any up-to-date driving aids, no electronics, classic engine and carbs, it was an arhaic piece of Italian mechanics, but stil adorable, something special. I kner that much more money is needed to fix it up entirely.

I knew that I wouldnt had drive her alldays from home to work, but only on special occasions. Desire to drive and philospohy to save didn't get along and I started to look at newspapers. At the early winter of year 2000 I got idea to drive something stronger that 1.3 engine, and at the time Alfa GTV, very much the shape of Sprint, came along. I didn't think much, though much to be restorated and gave that guy app. 500 euros. The car became my second Alfa with astonishing rear drive experience. I thought I would had fix that GTV, but it was much to rusty and a year after being in pieces, raining on windowless bonnet, I decided to send her to Alfa's heaven.

But for sure, there will be one in near future in my fleet. Old one, of course, as latest edition of GTV/Spider never found way to my heart. (GTV at picture is retouched, not original)