Healing times

Change of attitude

Latter on I stil use my first Sprint traveling to study place in Ljubljana, but next, engine went bad.

I don't remember exactly how, but I met a guy named Andjelko Borak, who claimed that he worked at Alfasud in Napoli. He drove AlfaSud and lived in town 8 km next to my hometown. In his cellar he found a engine which we took parts from and renew my Alfa's bad 1.3 85 HP engine. We worked for a week on balcony at his apartment and then outdoor in front of his home. We managed to make great engine, which from that year 1997 run not more than 5.000 km. That means Alfa steped into collection phase.

After that I managed to find someone (as a matter of fact, my father did and it's father of that guy who owe Sprint I was attracted to) who actualy cope with bad Alfa's bonnet and in two months period he fixed her completely. It was late 1998 and in that time car went into garage for long winter sleep. My Alfa slept there for 4 long years until now. The bonnet was fixed, engine was runnig as new, but interior was all over the place, old looking (gray color) and in bad shape. At first months under the roof, the clutch hidraulics gone, so she was "paralised" and even tyres got flat.

As I started to work as a autojournalist (www.avtomania.com), I was not very much in need driving my Alfa. It finaly became a collectors piece, my philosphy of Alfas thanks to Andjelko changed a lot, "Red Bird" was promoted from everydays slave to queen of my heart.