But then struck again

Several years latter my dad occasionaly spoke about that Alfa, often mentioning Sprint as a younger sister of Alfasud.

I was not much avare how that car looks like, but there was one guy in my town which had it and I became more and more interested in that "four-eyed" Alfa which remembered me much of that AlfaSud of ours. As time goes by, i barely remember, but it had to be 1992 or 1993.

The same year I got my driving licence and next spring there was a surrprise. As i graduated in high school, one evening in front of our house stood "red bird". The car was mine, a gift from my parents. It was (and stil is) a Alfa Sprint 1.3, 1988, one of last of her kind, without any additional gear, very plain at the time.

It took me for last months in secondary shool, then to faculty in Ljubljana. Soon it was discovered, Alfa was in very bad shape. At the time, it was just a "working mule", transportation all over our Country. Sprint got rust all over and some minor problems appeared. 

At that time I was addicted already and I tried to fix it by myself, but never succeded (students and money, you know the point). At the picture the broken spring can be seen and car went down to ground. But that was fixed, but other problems appear almost every month: broken brakepads, electricity problem due to rain leak, broken seat. I realized the car demands more and more money.

I tried to repair bonnet again, with sidepods under doors nearly gone. I remember one winter night when I was plastering it with fiber plaster, freezing to death at minus temperature degrees, and tears ran down my face when striked with my dad latter on. I realise today I became slave of my car. 

But then struck again