How it all started

Well, it's quite a long story. I was never much aware of Alfas, before my dad got Alfasud in 1986.

Today I realize it was one of most beautiful Suds I ever saw. It was three most beautiful years with unique car, with special smell, great performances (at the time). But what else you expect from 11 years old kid. Car took us to hollidays every year until one winter in 1989 story ended. It was wet day in winter when dad hit a Mini, stoped in the middle of road, while guy run to help someone else slipped from road. As my dad look that accident, he oversaw that obstacle. 

Results can be seen on pictures. AlfaSud was repaired, but never got the same again, driving abilities were far from before and you can imagine, that car was sold in very near future. As far I remember, it was AlfaSud 1.5 TI, production year 1979, with 95 HP, twin carbs, special alloy wheels and huge yellow foglamps, mounted in front. First Alfa went only 20 km away, it was seen years after, rebuilt and repainted again, but with very bad mechanics, last seen some 8 years painted metalic purple and very rusty. But that's past. Let's jump into present.